ZonicMe is a ‘proudly Nigerian’ e-business, whose vision is to leverage digital platforms to provide e-empowerment to our users and partners.

To actualize this, we will continue to deliver platforms that enrich as many aspects of life as possible. Our current platforms support business productivity, creativity, heritage, learning and the arts. We expect this to ultimately enrich the digital experience, expand business interaction, connect people to resources & knowledge and ultimately contribute towards national and indeed African development.


African Fashion Creativity all in One Spot

MyYanga is an empowerment channel for showcasing African fashion designers, fashion photographers and make-up artists and connecting them to a global audience to engage, inspire and do business.

Myyanga has powerful features including notification settings for specific individual preferences, a post your look periodic competition where prizes can be won and smart search features enabling search across multiple categories of listed fashion items. Visitors can browse across extensive categories, curate looks, connect to brands and shop on verified sites.


African Art, Center- stage.

MyAfriArt collates stunning works from established and aspiring African artists and sculptors, promoting creativity and enabling business. On MyAfriart, art pieces can be viewed, purchased with assurance of source, and confidentially used as collaterals for advance cash by owners. Our bidding room is designed to create exciting online real time bidding experiences – again with security and confidentiality – and our information assets ensure you are notified of art related events before they occur.


Where Quality Businesses are Found

Search engines often deliver the good, the bad, and the ugly. SEO drives results not quality or credibility of the businesses. This has led to unmet expectations and even financial loses especially for many internet users seeking a product or service online. GPNG solves this problem by listing only the top quality businesses of all sizes, across multiple sectors and with rich visual information. This provides users with a unique quality filter, as well as useful information, so that they can locate businesses that can provide the goods, services they are searching for, qualitatively in any city within Nigeria.

In addition, there are clever tools to make search easier and more effective. Take for example our smart search tool allows users to search across multiple cities and multiple business types in one query. Jobspot lists employment opportunities from these quality businesses, and our discount ticker section features special offers, enhanced with a notification feature that ensures users do not miss out on attractive discounts.


A Different Approach.

Advertisements are increasingly competing with content for our attention. This delivers poor results for advertisers and interruption of our enjoyment of content. 

The adspot.ng platform is a new approach that places power in the hands of the viewing audience, allowing them to go to advertisements, view them and rate them, whilst enabling the advertiser to pass their message and even obtain useful feedback.  A win – win situation. By incentivizing the reviewing and rating of adverts, users can win amounts of money and prizes with our leaderboard based competition, whilst providing useful feedback to advertisers through rating and scoring of adverts across the factors determined by each advertiser.

Game of Proverbs

The Wisdom of Words

An African parable probably exists for every situation in life and are considered a massive repository of knowledge and wisdom that can deliver tremendous value, even in modern times.

With the erosion in heritage focus and application, proverbs are given a new modern and engaging dimension on parableus. Using visual imagery, users can learn about application of proverbs to real life situations, get translations, and also win prizes by playing the rapid ‘apply a proverb” quizzes.


Learn Through Chat

This platform seeks to deepen “learning media” augmenting the platforms found on Social Media. The Educhatrooms.com allows users to interact with other users across the world in subject / topic chatrooms that address specific interests across primary, secondary and tertiary segments. Users can exchange views on specific topics that they create, share documents, benefit from moderators and also leverage video chat where available.

Sight and Sound

Connect with Nature, Places and Culture.