ZonicMe is a proudly Nigerian e-business focused on creating digital content that enable businesses and individuals to access useful information, expand their businesses and do things better. We expect this to ultimately create opportunities, jobs, and overall development, especially in Nigeria.
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GreenpagesNG helps you to find quality Nigerian businesses that provide goods or services you need, with precision, using desktop computers or mobile phones. Searching can be drilled down to specific areas within a city for even more precise results. For example, Mr John looking for a hotel in Abuja simply types in 'hotels' and selects Abuja. He will see a list of listed hotels within Abuja and will be offered the option to narrow the search to a particular area within Abuja. Clicking on any of the listed hotels reveals brief description, complete with contact information, picture gallery of the hotel, Google maps etc. Mr John can then click through to the hotels website, or contact them by phone.

Listing with Greenpagesng enhances visibility and business opportunities, for small businesses and even established brands. And there is more. Our Value Zone presents DiscountTicker for discounts offered by our listed businesses.

Mart is the meeting point for buyers and sellers. People searching for specific products or things like employment, electronics, cars, property etc. can see posted items for sale by simply typing in keyword/s, and matching items will be displayed with contact details of the person offering the product or service. Using 'Mart' is currently free of charge for both buyer and seller.

Enjoy the GreenPagesng experience!

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MyhotLook connects the creative works of Africa's fashion designers, hair stylists, make up artists and much more with a global audience, on one single high quality web portal. Everybody wins. Designers get seen across the world and everybody gets access to the best of African creativity, from emerging and established brands.
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HealthMattersNg aims to increase awareness about common health conditions in Nigeria, thus helping Nigerian live healthy lives.

Preventative knowledge is one of the best defenses against most ailments, as is early detection. The healthmattersng platform delivers Nigeria specific content, in simple everyday language and provides information on prevention, detection and seeking help.

With the help of the symptom checker, users can narrow down the possible ailments associated with their symptoms and seek appropriate medical intervention. Living well tool also presents tips on healthy habits, diets and more all submitted by experts.

Healthmattersng supports web connected mobile phones as well as normal computer browsers and the platform is free for users.

Your feedback is important to help us improve the platform, to serve you better. Please email suggestions and contributions to feedback@healthmattersng.com
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CVS helps us serve our customers better. Before we used to verify using the telephone. This often causes delays and on many occasions has inconvenienced our customers. With CVS, a registered customer is now empowered to verify by sending an SMS to our intelligent system which responds with a code. The customer writes this code on the back of the cheque.
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